Google+ vs. Facebook

I used to have a Facebook account but I recently decided to deactivate it, once and for good. One reason was that even if it started as a means to connect to certain good, old friends of mine living at distance I ended up having so many “irrelevant” contacts because I was “embarrassed” not to accept their connection request. Of course you may tell me that you can create lists and change settings etc. But add to the top of that that many times I used to like a group and the default setting of Facebook would be to disclose it to all my contacts. Given that the average number of users according to a recent paper of the Facebook research group is \geq 100 and not \approx 3-5 the default settings should be the other way round. Anyway, you may say again this is your fault. True. However there are two more important reasons. The second reason was that I was very displeased when I heard that you cannot delete your account, but only deactivate it. A natural question that comes to me is why?.  Do they believe that in this way the increase the chances of the reactivation of the account? Well, in my case I feel kind of the opposite. I do not like the fact that “my” account was not only mine but also theirs. This choice of Facebook restricts the liberty of the user and specifically the freedom of choice. This is unpleasant from my perspective.  To be fair though with Facebook, the one who carries (again) the responsibility is the user who should have been more careful when he/she/I accepted the terms. Probably that is the best thing I got out of Facebook: I am taking a good look at the terms before I press the “accept” button whenever I create an account, or install software etc. I would have expected at the beginning, a different approach by any social network towards data privacy. The third reason is Google+. The deletion of an account is done through a Google+ tool called “Data Liberation”. I am pretty much sure that people in Google+ did not choose the name of the tool at random, but they wanted to emphasize what I described above. There is an extra -kind of emotional- reason behind choosing Google+. Google is a company that -in my opinion- has made/makes the world better, it has helped a lot democracy, individual expression, science etc. and  has all these great tools including the Google Scholar search machine.This article has 9 reasons to move from Facebook to Google+. You may want to read it.

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