Glaubst du an Gott?


GRETCHEN: … Do you believe in God?
FAUST: My darling, who can (really) say:
    I believe in God!
    You may ask priests or wise men,
    And their answer seems but a mockery
    Of the questioner to be.
GRETCHEN: So you do not believe?
FAUST: Don’t misunderstand me, you lovely sight!
    Who may name Him,
    And who declare:
    I believe in Him.
    Who can feel
    And dare
    To say: I do not believe in Him!
    The all-embracing one,
    The all-preserving one,
    Does He not embrace and preserve
    You, me, (and) Himself?
    Does the sky not arch above us up there?
    Does the earth not lie firm down here?
    And do not with kind glance
    The eternal stars rise?
    Do I not look at you eye to eye,
    And does not everything press
    Upon your head and heart
    And weave in eternal mystery
    Invisible and visible around you?
    Fill your heart, as big as it is, from that
    And when you are completely blissful in the feeling,
    Then call it what you like:
    Call it happiness! Heart! Love! God!
    I have no name
    For it! Feeling is everything;
    (The) name is sound and smoke,
    Enshrouding heaven’s glow.


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