To Elsevier or to not Elsevier?

There are good chances you have heard the news about the recent movement against Elsevier. I think it is really encouraging to see prominent scientists like Gowers and others from all kind of fields protesting. I think that Elsevier will have to compromise significantly. All Elsevier employees should be able to have a good salary (do we know that for sure?), live decently and happily [as all humans] and not fight to make ends meet. However here we discuss a huge multimillion-profit business made out of our work. Is that moral? Shouldn’t we fight against immorality? Well, from my point of view, we should. I don’t want to see Elsevier closing down (assume all serious scientists don’t publish there, and no serious library makes any contract with them, then that would be the outcome), but if they will not show their true care for science and not money, I will boycott them as well. How can they show this? By proving that they are not here for making huge profit, but reasonable profit. The majority of people who do not boycott them so far do not do it for self-interest or they are waiting… Hope the majority of the majority belongs to the second category.

Finally a remark: slowly but steadily everyone should understand how social media changes the world. Let it be always towards the better.

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