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Einstein, Dirac, Godel, Selberg, Harish-Chandra in Princeton

Pontic Greek Jokes, The Rhine Paradox and Bonferroni

Pontians, a significant part of Hellenism which was heavily persecuted by Turks, are for some unknown reason to me mocked in Greek jokes. The following “joke” is representative: a Pontic Greek scientist (typically named Giorikas, Panikas) was making experiments with a frog. It cuts successively one leg after the other and asks the frog to […]

Albert Camus & The Meaning of Life

These days I started reading through Plato’s monumental work “Republic”. However, the philosophical quest of  this blog begins with Albert Camus. He was born in Algeria in 1913. His lost his father at the age of 1 and his mother raised him in poverty. Albert Camus became a distinguished novelist, journalist and philosopher. He was […]