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Τω καιρώ εκείνο ο ακμαιότερος κλάδος της πελασγικής δρυός εκάλυπτε τρεις οικισμούς πέριξ του μυστηριώδους Βράχου της Ακροπόλεως. Αλλά μετά τα δραματικά γεγονότα της Μεσοποταμίας, τα οποία οδήγησαν εις την έξωσιν των πρωτοπλάστων εκ της κοιλάδος του Τίγρεως και προεκάλεσαν σύγχυσιν εις τας φρένας των ανθρώπων, οι οικισμοί των Αθηνών ήρχισαν να πληθύνονται παραλόγως. Αποτέλεσμα […]


Zbigniew Preisner – Playlist

Music Gems by Eleni Karaindrou

Ode To The Sea — Pablo Neruda

The music is composed by Stamatis Spanoudakis, a talented Greek composer and it is called “Waves” (Κύματα). Here surrounding the island, There΄s sea. But what sea? It΄s always overflowing. Says yes, Then no, Then no again, And no, Says yes In blue In sea spray Raging, Says no And no again. It can΄t be still. […]

Music of the day

While listening to the radio, a beautiful song came up in the playlist. La vita e bella! I had heard the song in the past but this time I became curious. I stopped reading what I was reading since the orchestration reminded me a  **lot** of a Greek composer. I decided to search more about […]