It is well known that President Obama was a strong supporter of computer science, and was the first US President to write code. During his presidency, brain teasers were published from the White House web page. I came across this nice riddle that illustrates how Boolean logic can be used  to achieve  success in cooperation. […]

     Let’s say that you have 100$ and you want to invest your money wisely. There are two hedge funds that interest you, both of which have the same expected return. How should you invest your 100$? Does it matter if you split it in half, or if you invest all of your money […]

  About a month ago, my son Eftychios, a healthy little boy was born here in Boston. I feel so blessed, that I could not omit to acknowledge the happiness he brought to my life. Ι did that in my first three papers as a dad, a special type of a trilogy. For those interested, […]

I recently saw a post from OpenCulture, that I explored, and tweeted about: the shortest known paper published in a serious math journal. The Shortest-Known Paper Published in a Serious Math Journal: Two Succinct Sentences via @openculture — Babis Τsourakakis (@Tsourolampis) March 21, 2017 I wrote few lines of C++ code to search for […]

Suppose there is an underlying 1 dimensional histogram stored in the cloud. As a concrete example, consider the distribution of bank deposits (x-axis is the amount of dollars, and the y-axis is the count of accounts). For simplicity let’s assume that all the amounts of money deposited are integers within the range . The histogram is queried by […]