Congratulations to Mr. Kostas Sotiropoulos

Mr. Kostas Sotiropoulos, my PhD advisee, has successfully defended his thesis “Methods, Algorithms and Impossibility Results for Machine Learning on Graphs”. Defending a PhD thesis requires extensive research, critical thinking, and the ability to present and defend one’s ideas in front of a committee of experts. It is an impressive accomplishment that demonstrates Mr. Sotiropoulos’s expertise in his field of study.

The committee consisted also of Professors C. Seshadhri, Aris Gionis, John Byers and George Kollios. Special thank to all of them for their intriguing questions and comments.

I am particularly delighted as Mr. Kostas Sotiropoulos is embarking on an exciting journey as a postdoctoral researcher at Carnegie Mellon University where I did my PhD. Under the mentorship of Prof. Leman Akoglu, this opportunity holds great promise and opens new avenues for his academic and research career.

Congratulations Kosta!

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