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The densest subgraph problem with negative weights

Few days ago I uploaded on Arxiv our preprint “Novel Dense Subgraph Discovery Primitives: Risk Aversion and Exclusion Queries”.  This is joint work with Tianyi, Nao, and Jakub. In this paper we study the following extension of the densest subgraph problem (DSP) that is known to be solvable exactly in polynomial time on graphs with […]

Visualizing the Configuration model

A way to generate a random -regular graph is via the configuration model. Here is a short description of the model. Imagine that each vertex has k tokens. This suggests that we have in total kn tokens, where is the number of vertices and you can freely think of . Also, let me mention that […]

Art and Math

I just found this amazing web site, and I cannot stand not to beautify my blog with some art pieces of  Tatiana Plakhova.                                                                  […]