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Shortest known paper published

I recently saw a post from OpenCulture, that I explored, and tweeted about: the shortest known paper published in a serious math journal. The Shortest-Known Paper Published in a Serious Math Journal: Two Succinct Sentences via @openculture — Babis Τsourakakis (@Tsourolampis) March 21, 2017 I wrote few lines of C++ code to search for […]

Fair allocation of a pizza

An observation on edge densities of the union of isomorphic copies of a fixed graph

Consider a fixed graph with vertices and edges respectively. Assume that is balanced which means that the maximum edge density among all possible subgraphs of is achieved from $H$. Take two copies of , call them and create a new graph . In case the two copies are edge disjoint then the edge density of […]

To Elsevier or to not Elsevier?

There are good chances you have heard the news about the recent movement against Elsevier. I think it is really encouraging to see prominent scientists like Gowers and others from all kind of fields protesting. I think that Elsevier will have to compromise significantly. All Elsevier employees should be able to have a good salary […]

Music of the day

While listening to the radio, a beautiful song came up in the playlist. La vita e bella! I had heard the song in the past but this time I became curious. I stopped reading what I was reading since the orchestration reminded me a  **lot** of a Greek composer. I decided to search more about […]

Chomsky & Foucault

Zarankiewicz’s Problem

Zarankiewicz’s problem plays an important role in extremal combinatorics. Let’s first learn few things about Kazimierz Zarankiewicz from Wikipedia. Unfortunately, his life had a lot of suffering. He had to live the nightmare of concentration camps during World War II and he was a revolutionary. He was not a guerrilla but continued to teach despite the Nazi […]